Define & maintain reference data once, use it companywide or across companies

BIM ReferenceIn how many systems do you define and mantain components of product catalogue? Tired of maintaining reference data across systems and having to unify, reconcile and maintain different versions of hierarchies in different places?

Accurity Reference enables business owners to define reference data entities and while doing that to reuse any of the existing business attributes / definitions, and to maintain and validate their data content (product codes, bank codes, branches, product hierarchies). Once defined, data can be exported or published towards different operational or reporting systems with collaboration from IT.

Any needs for automatic maintenance? Then Reference can support you in minimizing manual work by implementing business rules that allow you to automatically maintain certain parameters or to inherit from upper levels in the hierarchy or to reuse reference data in other tenants/companies. As well, you can use business rules for validating data coming from other systems or loaded from Excel/CSV files.

Versioning and auditing ensure traceability and transparency of changed data.

Comfortable and easy to use

GLOSSARY Attribute Definition Concept
GLOSSARY Custom Properties
GLOSSARY Mapping and Data Lineage
GLOSSARY Attribute Definition Concept