Poor data, or a “lack of understanding data,” is cited as the #1 reason for overrunning project costs.  

Accurity The Accurity software solution addresses all parts of Business Information Modeling.
Five cooperating modules deliver excellent results.
Implement one or combine any from the group.

Whether you’re a business or an IT manager, Accurity was built for you. Access customizable data summaries and indicators right in your web browser. Configure dashboards, reports, and use built-in processes to jointly tackle critical data issues.

With Accurity, there’s no need to access your source core systems (CRM, ERP, data warehouses or databases). In fact, with everything accessible from a single interface, you no longer need any knowledge of the source systems.

Accurity software family: 5 co-operating modules

Accurity Software Family Map

Maintain business information model (structured representation of data requirements, common language for business and IT, business and technical metadata), mapping to technical data models, sophisticated search, data lineage, integrated approval workflow. (developed)


Monitor and analyze data quality (measurements, business rules, trends), integration with database systems and ETL processes (for automated measurements), workflow functionality to track data quality issues, sophisticated visualization.(developed)


Browse data down to single record (e.g. to investigate data quality issues identified by Quality), navigation based on business information model (from Glossary). No SQL knowledge required.(in development)


Create (manual and rule-based) data adjustments to temporarily correct data quality issues (e.g. identified by Quality), point in time and (future) timeframe adjustments, approval workflow and full audit trail.(in development)


Maintain code lists, hierarchies and mappings (e.g. between product codes) based on business information model (from Glossary), versioning, workflow functionality.(in development)