A propietary metodology to structure business requirements and facilitate harmonization in data intensive implementations.

BIM by SimplityManaging any data intensive IT solution (e.g. data warehouse, CRM or core banking system) is a challenge. The large and complex implementation projects face communication issues and delays. Additionally, a lack of data harmonization can lead to inconsistent reporting, which endangers the business users’ trust in the solution.

Simplity has been involved in numerous data intensive projects. Based on this experience, we developed an approach to keep the processes manageable and the solutions sustainable. The core of that approach, Business Information Modeling, is a business driven methodology providing simple but comprehensive guidance throughout the whole application.

We at Simplity believe that IT solutions can provide a key advantage over competitors. The Business Information Modeling keeps business goals in the center of all activities. Business teams are involved throughout the lifecycle and the methodology is keeping their leading role in defining their mutual goal for the project. Business Information Modeling ensures that all involved parties like different business and IT departments have the same understanding of the requirements. Not only the common understanding, but also comprehensiveness of the methodology leading to improved time to market and reduced costs are the key benefits when applying Business Information Modeling.