• Harmonization of data to provide a common understanding among business departments – “single version of the truth”
  • Improved communication between business and IT
  • Fulfillment of regulatory requirements (e.g. accuracy, integrity, adaptability, comprehensiveness and clarity)
  • Increase of data and information value by enabling business to make better use of what is there
  • Cost savings on data reconciliation and adjustments

  • More effective decision processes, accurate and consistent reporting
  • Support of data governance processes
  • One place where business and IT can meet – integrated repository with tailored user interface for both
  • Simple impact analysis and data lineage to provide traceability without complex IT solutions
  • Cutting down of ineffective costs (e.g. staff training)
  • Facilitation of data governance responsibilities (e.g. defining owner and stewardship of data)


Formalize, maintain and share business data requirements using one tool.
Impact analysis will costs less effort thanks to sophisticated browsing and filtering capabilities.
Together with the test manager define, maintain and share test cases even on single data attributes.
Export functionality eliminates duplicate work.
Glossary provides support for data governance processes and roles, therefore your data remains trustful and complete.
Manage approval processes during the harmonization phase of designing new attributes or adjusting the existing ones.
The integrated glossary function allows business to understand what data is available and where it comes from.
Source and target mappings (e.g. DWH) are maintained directly within Glossary.
Based on the mappings within Glossary, ETL specifications can be generated facilitating a model-driven development approach.
Lookup, mapping and other reference tables for the DWH can be built based on the information available in Glossary.
Data quality rules can be defined based on the Business Information Model maintained in Glossary, which is seamlessly integrated with Simplity Quality.