The Challenge

We understand not everyone in your company speaks the same language. Different business departments have unique terms and definitions for things specific to their needs, and the same is true of those specialists in IT.

We wanted to provide your company and its varied departments one common language with which to communicate. More than that, we sought a way to provide the definitions necessary to use and understand that language. Because we know a lack of harmony among business requirements and data definitions can do to a company. We know the risk involved in not knowing where data is coming from (i.e. lack of traceability). We wanted to eliminate communication issues that resulted in increased effort and reduced time-to-market speeds.

The Solution 

The solution is an integrated Business Information Model that is both user-friendly enough to serve as a glossary and agile enough to facilitate the implementation of IT solutions.
Simplity’s approach to Business Information Modeling allows you access to the actual objects of your business – customers, products, assets, transactions, even people. Define how you view this information in terms all end users understand. Package objects into a comprehensive model that can be shared with, and iteratively developed by, IT.
By maintaining the references to data requirements and IT systems you ensure consistency, enable traceability and ultimately improve data quality. This approach dramatically improves your ability to meet the needs of your business when it requires it.