Don’t let poor information quality cost your organization.

BIM QualityAccurity Quality lets companies profile, monitor, control and report data quality and related events via an integrated technology platform. Users assess data quality using metrics and business rules to discover or infer rules from the data, and monitor in-house data trends over time. Quality functions across different platforms, offering endless potential for integration and a panoramic view of business-critical data – regardless of the data source or consumer.

Because Accurity Quality was designed to meet the needs of both business and technical users, it works from a single unified user interface. Technical users benefit from exclusive features like data-related event notifications (e.g., that data has finished loading), and from real samples of noncompliant data.

Business users can take advantage of personalized dashboards, graphical time series analysis, and both ad hoc and regular reporting. Customizable data summaries and indicators are visible right in the web browser. A simple and efficient architecture helps maintain low implementation and running costs – but doesn’t skimp on the rich feature sets necessary for maintaining full data quality control. Whether you’re a business manager or technical analyst, specific features and increased visibility into data quality levels can now be leveraged to fully control corporate data quality with Accurity Quality.

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