The Challenge

Organizations around the world are seeking ways to turn data into a strategic asset. But many business and IT managers face the same problem: the data that underpins their business applications (CRM, ERP, core systems and data warehouses) is incomplete, inconsistent, inaccurate and unreliable. If that weren’t enough, most firms still don’t monitor the quality of their data – a critical strategic asset. As a result, the data doesn’t mirror business needs and business processes fail. Data-driven initiatives using low- or unknown-quality data fall short. Regulatory compliance is inefficient.

The Solution

Before data can successfully drive any business intelligence effort, its quality must be addressed. Not just the usual issues. In-house problems, too. Those related to customers, processes, assets, products and initiatives. Data profiling and regular quality monitoring do the job. In fact, they’re fundamental in an environment where each business process uses data.